The Resolute is favoured by fleet-operators and owner-drivers alike, neither of which can afford to suffer the cost and inconvenience of having thier vehicles stolen. It offers high levels of protection and great flexibility.
This is a universal device which will fit virtually any car, van, campervan or motorhome. If you change your vehicle in the future, it can easily be used on your new car or van. If you’re a multi-car family, you can use it on whichever vehicle is at the end of the drive. The Resolute is made right here in the UK from heavy duty steel and covered with a tough bright green coating. Design and manufacturing is carried out using cutting-edge technology, to ISO9001 standards, so quality is assured. Lifetime Guarantee! Armaplate are so confident in their products that they offer a *conditional lifetime guarantee for the lifetime of ownership of the vehicle. Do I really need protection? Theft from cars and vans has remained a serious problem for many years, but theft of vehicles used to be relatively low, but now it’s very much on the increase. In 2023 over 58,000 vehicles were stolen!!! Many more were badly damaged from theft attacks. Fitting visible security deters the vast majority of thieves. The very first line of defence is a visual deterrent. You want to prevent the thief from even attempting to break into your van by making it very clear that you take security seriously. Thieves aren’t looking for a challenge - they want a quick and easy time of it, so encourage them to move on and find an easier target in the next street. Is the Resolute easy to fit? Yes, it literally takes a minute to install and gives 24 hours peace of mind. Has it been tested independently? Yes, the Resolute was sent to SOLD SECURE for a completely independent, unbiased and rigourous security test and achieved their GOLD AWARD. The product is also approved by the POLICE SECURED BY DESIGN team.
“I keep one in my MotorHome - brilliant!” ~ M Greeley “Perfect for my Focus ST - thanks” ~ Tony “I must admit, I sleep better now” ~ RR “I purchased this after going through LOTS of reviews and videos about steering wheel locks. It seems like there's a myriad options out there but most of them are cheap and ineffective. I did consider buying one of those big disk things because my neighbour has one, but when I spoke to him, he told me he no longer uses it because of its bulk and the damage it caused to his steering wheel. I also know for a FACT that my wife would just point-blank refuse to use it. Being the owner of a Range Rover and an Aston Martin, I wanted something that was easy to handle, easy to use and easy to store away. I also wanted something that wouldn't damage my steering wheel (both cars have steering wheels that are peppered with control buttons). The Armaplate has a really thick foam disk which doesn't even leave a hint of a mark on the steering wheel. It's super easy to fit to either vehicle and it locks the steering and the brakes. I tend to use it on the car which is nearest to the gate, so the other car is blocked in”. ~ CR (Amazon)
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ULTRA HIGH SECURITY for peace of mind, the Armaplate Resolute not only offers high levels of security but also provides ease of operation. It disables both the steering and the braking system of your vehicle, rendering it immovable.
NOTE: CURRENTLY ON BACK-ORDER!! Due to huge levels of demand since the launch of the product in various magazines in May, the first batch of the Resolute has completely sold out! To reserve yours from the next batch, you can either order and pay in advance through our online shop OR simply phone and reserve one with NO DEPOSIT and we will ring you for payment when ready to dispatch. 0845 838 0700
Armaplate Resolute is our very latest product designed to combat vehicle theft. Most of the 58,000 vehicles stolen last year have centered around smart technology, so it’s time to go back to good old fashioned physical security!
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