*LIFETIME GUARANTEES Some of our products are advertised with a “LifeTime Guarantee”. Conditions apply. Any “LifeTime Guarantee” refers to the lifetime of ownership of the vehicle to which the product was originally fitted to. Any “LifeTime Guarantee” must be registered within the first SEVEN DAYS of purchase. “LifeTime Guarantee” registration email MUST include the answer to all the questions listed below. A copy of the purchase invoice and the registration number of the vehicle which the product will be used with. If the product is to be used with mulitple vehicles, then only one vehicle can be registered and the guarantee will become void when the registered vehicle has been sold, stolen, lost or otherwise rendered unavailable. Register your product by emailing sales@armaplate.com and include the following information (copy and paste it)… Your Name & Address Contact Telephone Number Your Vehicle Make & Model Your Vehicle Registration Mark Product Name KEY NUMBER (if the product has a key) Where you purchased the product Attach a copy of your RECEIPTe (must be within the time restraints mentioned above) In the event of a Claim, a Crime Reference Number relating to the theft-attack must be provided NOTE : We do not accept Telephone Registrations. Without all of the above conditions being met, the guarantee will be void - without exceptions. The “LifeTime Guarantee” refers solely to the supply of a replacement product should it become damaged or stolen during a theft-attack and does not include cover for any other losses, including damage to the vehicle, loss of the vehicle, loss of business, or any other perceived loss or damage. The guarantee does not cover the cost of installaing the replacement product. The cost of delivering replacement products must be borne by the claimant. Armaplate UK Ltd reserve the right to request proof of ownership of the registered vehicle at the time of any claims. This guarantee does not impact your Statutory Rights. ARMAPLATE UK LTD, Central Workshops, Off Longworth Rd, Horwich, BL6 7DB. Co # 3310342 Vat # GB678519090
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