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Why choose Hook Locks over other security products? How do you know you’re doing the right thing? Well here at Armaplate we will give you the best possible advice on what will suit your requirements and let you know if we think you’re in danger of investing in the wrong product. The ARMAPLATE CHALLENGER hook locks provide extremely high levels of security and are perfect for those fleet-operators (or owner-drivers) who carry lots of expensive tools or goods in their vans and want the peace of mind of knowing that they’ve done everything possible to safeguard their livelihood.
A Hook-Lock is an active device which requires the driver to ensure they’ve activated it each and every time they leave the vehicle unattended. It is a mechanical device similar to the deadlocks which you might have in your main doors at home. The difference between the locks you have at home is that our locks use a stainless-steel hook instead of a regular shoot-bolt. The hook lock prevent the doors from being forced open with a crowbar by hooking around a steel receiver instead of simply passing through it. This makes the hook locks incredibly difficult to overcome and therefore offer the ultimate in van security. CAN THE LOCKS BE PICKED? In the last 25 years of working in the Vehicle Security industry, we have yet to see a van which has been broken into using lock-picking methods! Master Locksmiths who’ve served apprenticeships in LockSmithing may be able to pick a lock, but even they struggle with modern locks which are designed to be anti-pick! CAN THE LOCKS BE DRILLED OUT? If you have the very best tungsten-carbide tipped drill bits and a heavy duty cordless drill with spare batteries, it may take up to an hour to drill out a high quality steel lock. It will be incredibly noisy. Bear in mind that van-locks aren’t like domestic brass locks - these are tough drill-resistant cylinders. CAN THE LOCK CYLINDERS BE BROKEN OFF? Based on information relating to domestic locks. people sometimes think a hammer-blow to the edge of the cylinder will provide access to the van, but our locks have a sacrificial end which means that any heavy hammer-blow will result in the end of the cylinder shearing off and the lock being left in the fully- locked condition. WILL THE LOCKS SEIZE IN WINTER? Our hook-locks are the only ones designed and manufactured to ISO9001 standards right here in the UK using top quality stainless-steel components throughout. By using rust-free materials, there’s little chance of anything seizing, but regular maintenance guarantees problem-free operation even in the harshest of UK winters! A simple squirt of GT-85 once a month is all that’s usually required. LIFETIME GUARANTEE!
Hook Locks
Strong, dependable hook-locks from Armaplate with LIFETIME guarantee
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