NEWS PAGE NEW RESOLUTE LAUNCHED Armaplate are pleased to announce their latest product - the RESOLUTE STEERING WHEEL LOCK! This new device has been designed to offer the very best levels of security while remaining easy to use and store. It achieved Sold Secure’s GOLD AWARD. COUPON CODES Armaplate have introduced Coupon Codes to their online store, allowing you to benefit from extra discounts simply by calling 0845 838 0700 and asking for a Coupon Code which you then use at CheckOut. NEW STRONGARM LAUNCHED Armaplate are proud to announce the launch of a brand new security product designed to prevent the theft of your van. Read more about this product here. NEW HOOK LOCKS! Armaplate UK Ltd are now celebrating their 25th ANNIVERSARY! The business began in 1996 and very quickly became the leading supplier of LCV Security solutions with the legendary Armaplate Sentinel shielding plates. Since then, many imitators have tried to copy our products but have never been successful in providing anything close to the quality and effectiveness of our original design. To celebrate our silver anniversary, we have released a new product to compliment the Sentinel. Our new Hook Lock (Armaplate Challenger) is designed to provide additional security to the cargo areas of those vans which carry high value goods or equipment. The Armaplate Challenger is different to anything else on the market in that it comes with a *LIFETIME GUARANTEE* and is constructed from high-grade Stainless-Steel. Read more
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