ULTRA HIGH SECURITY for peace of mind, the Armaplate StrongArm is a unique design which not only offers high levels of security but also provides ease of operation. The StrongArm is unique in that it is permanently secured to the bulkhead, meaning that the weight of this heavy-duty security device is fully supported by the pivot-point, making it very easy for the driver to activate or store away. The StrongArm is favoured by fleet-operators and owner-drivers alike, neither of which can afford to suffer the cost and inconvenience of having thier van stolen. The StrongArm conveniently sits adjacent to the driver, always ready for super-quick deployment. There’s simply no excuse not to secure your van every time you leave it. The system works by preventing the steering wheel from being turned, therefore rendering the vehicle immovable.
This is a universal device which will fit virtually any van which has a steel bulkhead. Unlike other heavy, bulky, unmanageable security-devices, the StrongArm benefits from a slim, telescopic form which means that it’s easy to handle and is very quickly stored away when not in use - the built-in locking system stops the device from invading the cab area in the event of a collision, therefore assuring maximum safety for the occupants. The StrongArm is made right here in the UK from heavy duty steel and covered with a tough bright green coating. Design and manufacturing is carried out using cutting-edge technology, to ISO9001 standards, so quality is assured. LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Armaplate are so confident in their products that they offer a *conditional lifetime guarantee for the lifetime of ownership of the van. Do I really need protection? Theft from vans has remained a serious problem for many years, but theft of vans used to be relatively low. In more recent years however, increasing numbers of businesses have been crippled by the outright theft of their vans. Over 43,000 vans have been stolen since 2016 in the UK and a further 117,000 were attempted! The very first line of defence is a visual deterrent. You want to prevent the thief from even attempting to break into your van by making it very clear that you take security seriously. Thieves aren’t looking for a challenge - they want a quick and easy time of it, so encourage them to move on and find an easier target in the next street.
Is the StrongArm easy to fit? Yes, it literally takes a few minutes to install and only requires the simplest of tools that most people have available. High-security fixings mean that once installed, unauthorised removal is virtually impossible. Is it quick and easy to use? We are fully aware that most security devices which businesses invest in end up being thrown in the cargo area and are never seen again. They’re big, bulky and heavy - it’s no surprise they’re unpopular with drivers! The StrongArm on the other hand, is always there in the cab ready to use. Its unique mounting keeps it light and manageable. *Note prices exclude VAT
“I can’t believe no one thought of this before!” ~ Terry Dunn “So simple to operate. Takes seconds. Really happy” ~ P.L. “Now the lads have no excuse to leave the vans insecure. Worth every penny afaik” ~ Nick
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Armaplate StrongArm is our very latest product designed to combat van theft. Most of the stolen vans in recent times has centered around smart technology, so it’s time to go back to good old fashioned physical security!
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