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Armaplate UK Ltd have been producing security products for over 25 years and have protected some of the largest professional fleet operators in the country. Over the years, we’ve helped customers including Tesco, Virgin, Iveco, Ford and many more.
Part of our security range includes protection for your valuable catalytic converter or DPF (or any other vulnerable part of the exhaust system) against opportunist theft attacks. The precious metals used inside ‘cats/dpfs’ means that they are a very attractive target to thieves and their low- hanging position makes theft a relatively easy task, taking just seconds to remove in some cases.
Our range of ArmaCats are uniquely tailor-made to protect your particular van and are not a generic/universal makeshift design. Specific cooling requirements are factored into our design so that your cat can continue to perform as it was intended to.
Armaplate ArmaCats are constructed from high grade stainless-steel - there’s just nothing better! Our harsh UK Winters have no effect on our products and their inherent strength remains high throughout their time on your van. This product is made to ISO 9001 Standards and precision engineering means that everything fits perfectly every time.
Armaplate ArmaCats are easy to install and include everything you need to complete the job. No special tools are required and it takes around 20-30 minutes from start to finish. The kit includes special security fixings which make it virtually impossible to remove. Call us on 0845 838 0700 and let us protect your fleet.
WHY DO THIEVES STEAL EXHAUST COMPONENTS? CATs & DPFs, etc, contain many precious metals, hence the incredible cost of replacing them (and why they are targeted by thieves). On most vehicles, they are in a position which makes it easy for thieves to access them and in some cases it takes just seconds to remove them, which means they are open to attack any time of the day or night.  More often than not, thieves remove the whole exhaust system rather than an individual component - it’s usually quicker! Having an ArmaCat on any part of the system will often deter an opportunist thief from even attempting an attack.  Our ArmaCats may help to keep your vehicle protected and potentially save you the cost and inconvenience of having to pay up to £3000 for a replacement.  HOW DOES IT WORK? ArmaCats work by completely encasing the exhaust component with a stainless-steel wrap which has been designed to grip and secure it to the chassis using a stainless-steel rope with special security fixings.  SPECIAL NOTE : The Armaplate ArmaCat was designed with the help of one of the world’s biggest van manufacturer and has unique features which allow the extreme heat of the exhaust components to be safely dissapated and therefore won’t lead to fires or effect your vehicle’s warranty.  Some components are mounted deep inside the engine bay or other areas which make them far less vulnerable to opportunist attacks - we may not offer products for these, based on the very low occurrences of theft - we don’t want to sell you something which hardly ever comes under attack!
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ArmaCat will prevent your valuable catalytic converter being stolen. Visit our main website on a PC or large Tablet for more information or ring us on 0845 838 0700.